I started out my glass journey by going along to a workshop, that was it!  I love getting to know people, I find it scary because I’m not a extrovert, despite the fact I worked in learning and development and as a Coach which involved me standing up and being the focus of attention in a room of total strangers on many occasions.  I found that pushing through those initial moments of walking into a room full of people is often worth the uncomfortable feelings that go with it.

People are interesting, especially when a group comes together from very different backgrounds and through shared experience of the new, they find they have things in common or pick up a new perspective on life.  It’s like looking into a little window to see what other human beings have doing but in return you give a piece of yourself.

Why am I gabbling on about this?  You might be asking yourself and I would answer, because I can and this is my blog after all! Ha, ha!

Also, yesterday, I was on a traditional leaded stained glass course and someone said this to me, “when was the last time you went on and rode a roundabout or sat on a swing?”  It really made me stop and think.  Why do children play, what drives that desire and when did we as adults lose it?  Well, they play to learn and develop skills don’t they, what drives them to do this is that they want to because it’s fun!

So, I’m asking you, when was the last time you took the time and just played?

My glass journey was and still is important to me because it is my way of connecting little Linda from all those years ago, who loved to learn through play.  So, this week I’ve been connecting with my inner child and here’s what I’ve produced and what I’ve learned.

Giraffe Panels

People love giraffes! I have had so many lovely comments about my giraffes. They are both commissions that are sitting in my workshop waiting for their new owners to collect them.  In fact, one lovely lady is on her way today.  I will miss them when they go sitting there giving me that look that only a giraffe can!

Next I decided to try my hand at making a couple of pieces and mounting them into box frames.  So I did a bride and groom for those couples who have been disappointed and had to cancel a wedding or can’t        wait to tie the knot this year and a baby, well I suppose that might be for later!!

Bride and Groom

Baby Gift


I learned from this, glass is heavy and I love iridescent glass.  I sat for hours looking at it from all different angles in the sunshine.

The next commission I got was for a horse.  People often send me pictures of their much loved animals and horses are definitely up there in High Peak.  I’ve done a couple of sun catchers of very handsome horses but only a side profile but this one was for a front profile.  I will admit, I was a little nervous whether I could do this one justice but me being me, what’s the worst thing that can happen? It looks nothing like, the customer hates it, I refund them and I keep it for my hall of ‘uglies’. Yes, I really do have a little stash of half completed pieces that just didn’t turn out that well. If you don’t try, you can’t fail but you don’t learn either.


Don’t laugh, my dog that turned into Scooby Do was a prime example, beautiful dog in real life but I just couldn’t get this one right at all. Believe me, I learnt a lot from this experience and I’ve gone on to produce a few more successful doggies.

I’ve also been trying out other different ways of displaying my pieces this week. I’ve been on my soapbox about the number of scam websites trying to tell people they can make stained glass pieces for ridiculously low prices that in reality don’t even cover materials but that’s for another time!! I did however enjoy watching the birds in my garden this week and creating them.  I’ve learnt that we have many more garden birds visiting than I realized and a few facts as I found myself googling them and how to make a garden stake. The weather’s picking up so many of us spend more time in the garden so these little fellas might keep you company.



Blue Tit

Finally, as I start to do more art panels, I want to try making bigger pieces and a few people have asked me about window panels so I’ve finally ended up in the workshop mentioned above to try this out.  I learned that this is rather fiddly for small pieces but I picked up a few tips on how to cut and solder lead came. I made my very first boat using this method. For a small piece it’s quite heavy but not bad for a first try don’t you think?


So, I suppose what I am saying to you is, never stop playing, you never know where it will take you.

I have another 5 projects I’m looking to get my teeth or cutter into next week so if you enjoyed this stay tuned for the next instalment www.lindasartglass.com



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