What a wonderful project to be involved with.

After creating a special stained glass piece for Banks Lane Infants School, I am so excited to have been commissioned to make 3 art panels based on the children’s art competition winners, Daisy, August and Max, for their Platinum Anniversary Celebrations this year.  Wow, what wonderfully talented children they have in the school to create such wonderful artwork.

As the deadline for me is to have these ready for the celebration event on Friday, 24th June 2022, I’d better get my skates on!  First step is to create patterns or cartoons using a some computer software called Rapid Resizer to replicate the artworks, bearing in mind the cuts that I need to make in the glass.  Some of those cuts would be very tricky or even impossible and prone to cracking so I have to make the odd adjustments as necessary.  Once I’m happy with the pattern I count up the number of pieces, this gives me an idea of cost and how long the pieces will take me to make, as each piece will have to be cut, ground smooth, copper foiled and soldered together like an intricate jigsaw puzzle.  Once this has been approved by the school, I can set to work.

One panel complete, another 2 to go.  I decided to use hobby came to edge this piece as it had wavy edges which I believe represent a wooden frame, or even the original artwork I created.  It was so much fun to make I can’t wait to move on to the next one after the all-important pictures are taken.  The sun is shining which always shows off my stained glass pieces at their best.

Just look at the beautiful shadows this one casts.

Colourful rainbow shadow

The second piece has been occupying my time as there are even more pieces to consider and a bit of wire work to represent the legs on the little creatures. The butterfly wings were especially difficult to replicate as getting as many colours as I could fit into those wings took some time.
Rainbow butterfly
I have made and fitted a zinc frame to this one to show off those colours.

Today I finished the final panel and he’s all framed too.

So, all 3 are ready to show off to the staff, parents and of course, all the very talented children of Banks Lane Infants School.

I’ve even made you a little TikTok video to show the children (make sure you put the sound up on your device and click HERE!😁)

It’s 24th June and I’m looking forward to joining the celebrations😁 I’ve a few friends to bring along with me today.

It was a joy to spend the day at the school celebrations. Met some Very important people and the children all recognised each other’s work. Job done, thank you ❤️


Linda ❤️

If you would like to have your child’s artwork made into a beautiful keepsake, contact me