At the beginning of March I launched the Spring into Art Competition to find all those budding artists under 11 who love to get creative with their colouring pencils. The prize is a unique and special stained glass sun catcher based on their artwork made by LindaS Art Glass.

Well, they certainly didn’t disappoint me, I have had some fabulously colourful entries sent to  me.  Well done everyone who got busy and entered the competition and thank you to everyone who voted.

I have been so impressed with everyone’s artwork that I am pleased to say that I have made sure that every child won that prize! I hope you like them.

I will be in contact with all the grown-ups today to find out where the prizes are to be sent out to this week.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who voted and if your little one didn’t enter this time and they still want to have their artwork made into a sun catcher then just drop me a line and I will cost one up for you.

I am sure you will agree, they make fabulous presents and keepsakes for the family.


Harley – aged 2. This one was an explosion of colour so I used my imagination to make something that little Harley would like but made sure those lovely primary colours were captured.


Harley’s brother,  Jack – aged 3.  What a lovely rainbow he drew.  I hope he enjoys the colours shining through when his sun catcher is hanging up in his bedroom window.


Kitty – aged 5.  What a wonderful butterfly. Not easy to add the detail on the wings in stained glass but I will leave that up to you and your acrylic paint pens!


Sidney – aged 8.  Arthur captured the imagination of everyone who had memories of having a pet just like him.  Arthur was a beloved pet who has gone to that big bird cage in the sky but Sidney wanted to remember him in a special way.  He was a clear winner with the voters.


Leah – aged 9.  Mum told me she is rabbit mad.  Don’t worry Leah, so were lots of my voters and you were not alone on the rabbit theme.  This little panel gave me the greatest challenge I must admit with its teeny, tiny pieces.  My fingers deserve a well earned rest!


Ruby – aged 5.  Another cute little bunny lover.  I know that Ruby has one just like this at home.  Very colourful in the sunshine.

*In the interests of health and safety, grown-ups please make sure your little ones know these are not toys but very special glass ornaments that should be displayed proudly in windows.  They should be admired, not dropped, licked, sucked or eaten!!

I really hope you all enjoyed making art, keep up the good work!


Linda Sheldon

LindaS Art Glass